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ITerra, partner of the 2023 InnovAgro competition

iTerra is the incubator and accelerator of innovative projects in the Oise region, accredited by the Hauts-de-France region. It supports any innovative project in the region and also specializes in the fields of bioeconomy and agricultural innovation.

Project leaders can receive support at various stages of their idea’s development through pre-incubation, incubation, or acceleration programs.

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The Origins of iTerra 

ITerra was created by the municipalities of Compiègne, Beauvais, and Creil, in collaboration with the two engineering schools in our region, UTC & UniLaSalle, SAS Pivert, and the Rev’Agro cluster.

iTerra boosts local economic development  by supporting the journeys of innovative project leaders and business owners. iTerra is accessible to everyone in the Oise region and also supports all projects, regardless of their origin,  in the field of Bioeconomy.

iTerra’s uniqueness is also reflected in its strong shared values in its community:  ambition, openness, and commitment !

The iTerra Team

An agile, dynamic, and complementary team.

Andrea Guerra, of Italian origin, brings his business-oriented and pragmatic approach, essential for project realization: Business Developer.

Agathe Vuillemenot brings together local stakeholders to facilitate the entrepreneurial journey of innovative project leaders: Director.

Aurélie Chaussepied is a certified coach. She has enriched our support by focusing on the alignment of men, women, projects, and markets: Start-up manager.

Hélène Minet develops iTerra’s reputation with the goal of acquiring new innovative project leaders and conveying our vision and values: Communications and Events Manager.

ITerrien one day, ITerrien forever!

Apply for the Innov’Agro competition (until September 15, 2023)

Launch of the Innov’Agro 2023 Competition

Beauvais Rev’Agro, in partnership with ITerra, is launching the Innov’Agro 2023 competition!

Win up to €35,000 to further develop your innovation and support agricultural transitions.

Contest theme: Agricultural Innovation focusing on robotics, new energy sources, artificial intelligence, data, emerging sectors, and eco-design.

The aim of the competition is to support your project all the way to the establishment of your company (land/real estate, fundraising, etc.) to promote the growth of your projects in favor of resilient agriculture.

The competition is open until September 15, 2023!

You are not yet present in France? The competition is also open to foreign project developers.

Find all the information to apply HERE

2022 Winner

Osiris Agriculture company offers a turnkey service based on robotics that helps farmers optimize irrigation, fertilization, and crop protection.
Their robot
, Oscar, is the first autonomous and versatile irrigation robot for European industrial crops.

Award Ceremony - SIMA 2022 to Osiris Agriculture by Thierry Lhotte
une stratégie axée sur 3 filières stratégiques pour le territoire du Beauvaisis

Agriculture and Bioeconomy at the Heart of the Economic Development Strategy of Beauvaisis.

The President of the Beauvaisis Community of Agglomeration, Caroline Cayeux, has sought to initiate a new territorial dynamic that aims, among other things, to reconcile economy and ecology. She has thus entrusted Loïc Barbaras, Vice-President in charge of Economic Development, and Aymeric Bourleau, Vice-President in charge of Higher Education and Innovation, with the mission of building the economic strategy of Beauvaisis for the next ten years.

“Beauvaisis 2030: Economic Ambition” is structured around 5 objectives:

village high et lowtech Novaparc

Objective 1 – Develop new future-oriented sectors that will contribute to our food, energy, and sustainable component sovereignties, in coherence with the specific resources of our agricultural territory (focused on agricultural biomass, bio-sourced materials, and reuse).

This strategic positioning is centered on productive sectors

  • AgTech for resilient agriculture: Farm machinery / Agricultural technology
  • The Neo-Industry M3: Metals / Mechanics / Machinery
  • Sovereignty Sectors: Biomass / Value-Added Reuse

Objective 2 – Develop the industries of the future and contribute to the reindustrialization of France

This objective falls within the framework of the “Third Industrial Revolution” (Rev’3) initiatives of the Hauts-de-France region and the “Territoire d’industrie” (Territory of Industry) label.

Digitalization, robotics, decarbonization, employer branding, attractiveness of industrial professions, and the mutualization and collective valorization of waste for sustainable Industry 4.0.

Objective 3 – Consolidate the AgTech ecosystem structured around the territorial cluster Beauvais Rev’Agro.

  • Rev’Agro aims to participate in the implementation of agriculture of the future thanks to the ecosystem in place and under development (digital agriculture, artificial intelligence, cobotics and precision agriculture, bioenergy, agroecology, and new crops for climate change, biosourced materials…).
  • Supporting the development of our centers of excellence (UniLaSalle, Massey Ferguson Global Headquarters…) and new training programs related to tomorrow’s challenges.

Objective 4 – Promote an inclusive and circular economy in both urban and rural areas

The High & Low Tech InCas campus: a place dedicated to high and low-tech sectors, including coworking and coliving spaces, local food offerings, leisure spaces and services, recreational and sports facilities, training in new transition-related jobs, and workshops dedicated to the circular and solidarity economy, etc.

Objective 5 – Establish new balances for physical commerce in city centers / town centers as well as in the outskirts.

  • Implementation of development actions / facilitating tools and regulation of types of establishments
  • Qualification and supervision of the peripheral offer: Trade-leisure-restoration
  • Revitalization of the city center of Beauvais (Action Heart of the City Plan)

This ambitious economic strategy aims to promote development and attractiveness by leveraging the territorial specificities of Beauvaisis.

Osiris, startup lauréate du concours Innov'Agro 2022 a été récompensé d'un chèque de 30 000€ au SIMA à Paris

Osiris, the winning startup of the Innov’Agro competition

During SIMA Paris, Mr. Thierry LHOTTE, President of Beauvais Rev’Agro, had the pleasure of awarding Osiris Agriculture as the winner of the Innov’Agro 2022 competition.

Osiris Agriculture aims to help farmers save 30% of water, energy, and fertilizers while improving their daily lives by freeing them from a manual and arduous task with Oscar: the first European intelligent and autonomous irrigation robot serving the transition of our agriculture.

Based on a patented, robust, and versatile machine, the company’s ambition goes beyond irrigation and potatoes. Development areas have already been identified to use the robot year-round and on other crops to provide maximum service to the agriculture of the future.

As part of the competition, Osiris Agriculture was awarded a €30,000 check to continue its project while benefiting from the expertise and advice of cluster members and the support of the ITerra incubator.

Beige et Noir Gras et Vif Photo Montage

Rev’Agro supports the AgreenStartup competition

On the occasion of the AgreenStartup competition organized by APCA, Rev’Agro, in partnership with the Beauvaisis Agglomeration, Iterra, and UniLaSalle, took part in the prize-giving ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Julien Denormandie.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners! 🏅 They win a Rev’Agro coaching package.

➡️AGRILIANT – Innovation Prize
➡️SysFarm – Chamber of Agriculture Prize
➡️NOEHMI – Special Data Prize
➡️E’Mule – Heart Prize

statrlab revagro

New Board of Directors

Enthusiasm, a strategic vision, shared ambitions, meaningful complex projects, and new economic dynamics.

On the occasion of the Board of Directors of Rev’Agro held on February 15, the founding members AGCO Corporation, GIMA – Transmission Technology, ISAGRI, Beauvais and its agglomeration, Cetim – Technical Center for Mechanical Industries, and UniLaSalle came together to finalize the collaborative innovation strategy.

This will make Beauvaisis a demonstrator territory for transitions towards agricultural resilience for sustainable and high-performance agriculture.

✅ Promotion of high-demand professions and future skills for our region’s benefit 📣

✅ Consolidation of our centers of expertise 👨‍🎓 👩‍🏭

✅ Consolidation of our value chains 🚜 💻

✅ Creation of bio-based 🌿and new energy sectors ⚡from our local resources


Rev’Agro invites you to the #RRI 2021

Rev’Agro is participating in the RRI 2021 event on the topic: INNOVATION, ONE OF THE KEYS TO AGRICULTURE OF THE FUTURE?

In partnership with Iterra and the Agriculture of the Future Platform.

Through 3 key moments, discover in one afternoon how stakeholders in the agricultural world transform these challenges into opportunities, exploring all facets of innovation.
✅ Produce more with less
✅ Regain control and increase autonomy
✅ Train and innovate to communicate and raise awareness

Come and meet startups and companies that make innovation their daily driving force. And take on the challenge with them!

📅 Join us on Tuesday, November 30th, from 2 PM to 5 PM at the Quai de l’innovation in Amiens.

Register here in person or via videoconference

inauguration de la maison mère Maschio Gaspardo France à Beauvais par Caroline Cayeux.

Maschio Gaspardo, new member of Rev’Agro

On Thursday, September 16th, the inauguration of the Maschio Gaspardo site took place in the presence of Mrs. Cayeux, Mr. Barbaras, Mr. Bourleau, the site director Mr. Schietequatte, and Andrea Maschio and Mirco Maschio who came specially from Italy.

Since July 1st, 2020, the parent company Maschio Gaspardo France has established itself in the Haut-Villé business park to expand its agricultural equipment production activities for soil cultivation, seeding, crop protection, landscaping maintenance, and haymaking.

Since the opening of its site, the company has already created 32 jobs in Beauvais and recruited 4 apprentices. Further recruitment is planned within the next 5 years to reach 50 employees. This objective is good news for our region in terms of job creation and economic dynamism.

Several criteria were taken into account by the company for choosing Beauvais:

  • The presence of the airport, allowing easy access to Italy or Romania where the group’s main factories are located
  • The presence of UniLaSalle, a pool of young talents
  • The ecosystem of the Rev’Agro territorial cluster. This inauguration was also an opportunity to officially announce the company’s membership in this territorial cluster. This aligns with the ongoing ambitions of Beauvaisis: a region focused on agtech, allowing for concrete and impactful actions for our agriculture and its future, which also means the development of our businesses and our territory.