Innov'Agro 2024 Competition

Launch of the Innov’Agro 2024 Competition

Beauvais Rev’Agro, in partnership with iTerra, is launching the Innov’Agro 2024 competition!
Win up to €35,000 to support the growth of your innovation and contribute to agricultural transitions. 

Competition theme: Agricultural innovation around robotics, new energy, artificial intelligence, data, new sectors, and eco-design.

The objective of the competition: to support you in your project until the establishment of your company (land/real estate, fundraising, etc.) to grow your projects in favor of resilient agriculture.

Competition open until June 30, 2024, midnight!

Are you not present in France yet? The competition is also open to foreign project leaders. 

Find all the information to apply HERE

Laureates 2023

Remise de prix Octométha
Vincent Bachet - OCTOMETHA
Clément Letrez et Matthieu Déramond, fondateurs de Linaireos
Clément Letrez and Matthieu Déramond - LINAIREOS

OCTOMETHA offers a new anaerobic digestion technology that enables the production of biogas from organic materials such as manure, green waste, and crop residues.

Linaireos’ mission is to provide innovative technological solutions for the flax industry, aiming to enhance efficiency and quality in production.


The Beauvaisis: Between Tradition and Modernity, the Secret of a Fulfilling Quality of Life

Beauvaisis is a place where life is good, a territory where each of us has the opportunity to grow, live, and flourish. Since its creation in 2004, the Beauvaisis Agglomeration has managed to forge its own identity while preserving its specificities between tradition and modernity. An identity deeply marked by the land through ceramics and agriculture.

“That is what makes our strength and allows us to face with serenity the great changes of tomorrow, such as climate and ecological transition.” Mrs. Cayeux, President of the Agglomeration Community of Beauvaisis

Discover immersive videos about the Beauvaisis region with just one click on the Tourism Office website.

Beauvais, ranked as the best city to live in the Hauts-de-France region in 2024

Beauvais is the top-ranked city in Hauts-de-France in 2024, surpassing Lille and Amiens, as the best place to live.

The Beauvaisis Agglomeration is attractive for its peaceful countryside, international airport, and a variety of sports and cultural activities. A city that is both cultural and sports-oriented, Beauvais strikes a great balance.

The Beauvaisis provides a peaceful countryside life with numerous local outings. The numerous sports associations energize the region by offering a variety of activities for everyone.

This region harmoniously combines rural serenity with proximity to Paris. The residents enjoy a balanced, active, and natural lifestyle.
An ideal destination where sports dynamism, country life, and proximity to the capital meet harmoniously.

Create or pursue your professional career in Beauvaisis

Career opportunities are numerous and across multiple sectors. Its economic landscape is rich and varied, encompassing sectors such as agricultural machinery and digital agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, construction, and more.

Many companies proudly contribute to the reputation of our region, including:

  • AGCO: A global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of agricultural equipment.
  • CETIM: The technological accelerator serving the transformation of the industry.
  • GIMA: One of the world leaders in transmission systems for agricultural tractors.
  • ISAGRI: A leading company in agricultural business management software solutions (headquartered in Beauvais). In 2023, ISAGRI ranks 24th in the Great Place to Work awards in the category of “250 to 1000 employees.”
  • Maschio Gaspardo: The leader in the production of equipment for soil cultivation, seeding, fertilization, crop protection, green space maintenance, and haymaking.
  • LVMH: The world leader in luxury goods manufacturing and marketing, including cosmetic products.

Follow one's studies in Beauvaisis.

A wide range of higher education programs

The Beauvaisis is at the forefront of research thanks to the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute. You can study in various fields at the Beauvais campus such as agriculture, digital technology, agri-food, food-health, environment, and geosciences. In close partnership with the professional environment, UniLaSalle Beauvais develops research programs in the fields of agro-industry, agri-food, and the environment.

Nationwide, UniLaSalle appears to be a leading school in terms of relationships with businesses and in preparing students for professional integration in various specialties.
According to the 2023 ranking by l’Etudiant, UniLaSalle is notably ranked first for fields such as agriculture, forestry and biosystems engineering, agri-food engineering, biological engineering, and geology.

Among the many training programs offered in Beauvaisis are also Proméo Formation, ITII, the University of Picardie Jules-Verne, IUT, and the Campus Connecté.

Are you coming with your family to Beauvaisis?

Preschools, primary schools, middle schools, general or technical high schools—the region offers numerous educational paths.


European Startup Village


The European Union recently awarded the Beauvaisis Agglomeration Community the label “European Startup Village,” recognizing its outstanding efforts in creating an ecosystem conducive to innovation and the development of startups.
By achieving this prestigious recognition, Beauvaisis becomes the first agglomeration in France to proudly display the label “European Startup Village.”

Flourishing Ecosystem

The success of this labeling is based on the dynamic multipartner ecosystem present in the territory, including the economic development service of the Agglomeration, StartLab, the iTerra incubator/accelerator, the Beauvais Rev’Agro cluster, as well as the research laboratories of UniLaSalle.
These actors converge to offer optimal conditions for innovation, particularly in the field of bioeconomy, leveraging the strengths and richness of the local countryside.

Support for Entrepreneurship

The Beauvaisis Agglomeration Community, led by its president Caroline Cayeux, clearly expresses its commitment to support entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth.
The acquisition of the label is part of the economic development strategy “Beauvaisis 2030,” a vision championed by Caroline Cayeux, Loic Barbaras (Vice-President in charge of the economy), and Aymeric Bourleau (Vice-President in charge of Higher Education and Innovation).

Alignment with the European Vision

The European Startup Village initiative aligns with the European Commission’s long-term vision for rural areas of the EU by 2040.
The goal is to strengthen, connect, make resilient, and prosper rural communities. This initiative aligns with the Local Higher Education, Research, and Innovation Plan of Beauvaisis.

The Beauvaisis region is open to European cooperation

Caroline Cayeux expresses her satisfaction with this recognition, which opens the way for exchanges and collaborations on a European scale.
She aims to build strong partnerships with other European ecosystems, involving institutions, entrepreneurs, and universities.
This marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration around the rural specificities of Beauvaisis and project applications within the framework of the “Horizon Europe” program.

Masterplan Novaparc

NOVAPARC, an excellent Planned Development Area to deploy your activity

Located in immediate proximity to Paris-Beauvais Airport, the Novaparc economic activity zone covers 130 hectares.

The Beauvaisis agglomeration aims to make this new economic district a Planned Development Area of excellence, both in terms of activities to be developed and sustainable development planning. This approach is intended to create new synergies among economic, public, and academic stakeholders, particularly around future sectors and professions. In the long run, more than 3,000 people will work in this new district.

An economic district of excellence… particularly inspiring!

  • An economic zone oriented towards the strategic sectors of the region: AgTech / metal, mechanical, and machinism industry / sectors of the bioeconomy, agri-food and nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and circular economy;
  • The valorization of green energies, with the first concrete example being the installation of the largest photovoltaic roof in France, installed on the first building of 110,000 m² currently being marketed;
  • A district where some constructions will be inspired by living organisms (Biomimicry)

Sector 1 – InCa Project

This future demonstrator building for biomimicry and sustainable construction will be the central hub of the area.

The aim is to provide shared services for nearby businesses: meeting rooms, catering, daycare, co-living, co-working, workshops, and more.

It will also be intended to host the iTerra incubator and accelerator in the bioeconomy and the collaborative innovation ecosystem of Beauvais, notably the Campus d’avenir, thus becoming the incubator and catalyst for projects in the region.

futur novaparc

Sector 2 – High-Low Tech Village Nearly 5 hectares dedicated to new, innovative, environmentally-friendly sectors to contribute to the decarbonization of our territory.

This site will host companies that fully integrate the territory’s decarbonization strategy promoted by the CAB through the “Territoire d’Industrie” label. Green energy, biomaterials, recycling, and circular economy are just a few of the activities that the Beauvaisis agglomeration will support in terms of installation and integration into the existing economic fabric.

Sector 3 – Agro-Food Village – Nearly 10 hectares to contribute to the agri-food sector in Hauts-de-France, currently in the marketing phase.

A project of a nursery specifically dedicated to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will also come to life. This will complement the range of installation and support services for agri-food companies between the R&D/first series offered by UniLaSalle and the FoodLab, and the dedicated implementation sites for larger projects. The Beauvaisis urban community is working on this project in partnership with Agro-Sphère.

Cluster 4 – AgTech Startup Village – 4.5 hectares to showcase agricultural innovation projects at the gates of Europe.

Beauvais Rev’Agro is fully committed to the planning and development of this area alongside the Beauvaisis agglomeration. The goal here is to complement the value chain around sustainable agriculture in the region (AgTech, Robotics, AI, biomolecules…), which is a highly strategic activity in the economic development of Beauvaisis.

Do you have a project in agricultural innovation? Beauvais Rev’Agro is here to support you!

Do you have a project and want to join our ecosystem?

For more information:

Participants du concours Innov'Agro 2023

Winners of the Innov’Agro 2023 competition

Participants du concours Innov'Agro 2023

Discover in this article the winners of the Innov’Agro 2023 competition

On Thursday, November 23, 2023, the awards ceremony for the Innov’Agro 2023 competition took place at UniLaSalle.

This competition was organized by Beauvais Rev’Agro in collaboration with the startup incubator and accelerator Iterra, and with the assistance of the student association Les Unitechdays.

Every year, this event brings together project leaders committed to the agricultural sector. It is an opportunity to access a platform for exchange and recognition within the agricultural community.

This initiative allows participants:

  • De bénéficier d’un accompagnement personnalisé pour le développement de leur projet ;
  • To receive support for establishing themselves in the Beauvaisis region;
  • To acquire financial support for the realization of their innovative ideas.

Two awards were presented during the ceremony:

  • The first prize (racine (root)) of €35,000 was awarded to OCTOMETHA.
  • The second prize (Jeune pousse (young shoot)) of €25,000 was awarded to LINAIREOS.

The opportunity to also assess the progress of previous winners’ projects!

OCTOMETHA, the startup awarded the "Racine" prize


Our “Racine” prize winner, OCTOMETHA, specializes in the design and marketing of agricultural methanization installations using the paste method.

These installations are designed to be simple, robust, and tailored to the needs of French farms.

This innovative solution offers a new methanization technology that allows for the production of green energy (electricity or biogas) from organic materials derived from agricultural operations. Among these, we find manure, green waste, and crop residues (straw), in an efficient and simplified manner without requiring prior grinding or post-digestion.
This approach simplifies the process, reduces construction and operation costs, and provides optimal control over the residence time of inputs.

OCTHOMETHA’s patented technology provides an economically viable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution for valorizing manure and straw.

This project is led by Vincent Bachet.

Linaireos, winner of the 'jeune pousse' award

Logo Linaireos

In full deployment, Linaireos has a mission to revolutionize the flax industry in France and Europe by providing innovative technological solutions to enhance the efficiency and quality of production (AI, biochemical treatment).

For the initial phase of their project, the Linaireos team is collaborating with the Lin 2000 cooperative, where their prototype has been installed since the summer of 2023.

This project is led by Clement Letrez and Matthieu Déramond, two students from UniLaSalle who recently received the “Entrepreneurship UniLaSalle Label“.

The former laureates

Winner of the Innov’Agro competition in 2018, the startup Instar Robotics, which developed the Trooper robot, was present at the awards ceremony with its robot.
An opportunity to demonstrate their small horticultural robot designed to assist nursery growers in transporting potted plants. The startup is currently in its commercialization phase.

The startup OSIRIS Agriculture, winner of the 2022 competition, was also present to share their progress.


Formations agricoles du Beauvaisis

Agricultural training programs in Beauvais

Explore agricultural training programs in Beauvais on the UniLaSalle campus, where nearly 2500 students study Earth, Life, and Environmental Sciences.

Spread across 18 hectares, in the heart of lush greenery, the UniLaSalle campus is an ideal environment for education.

Visit the campus!

The training programs at UniLaSalle in Beauvais

The UniLasalle campus in Beauvais offers:

Engineering Programs

Bachelor’s and Professional Bachelor’s Degrees

Masters, Specialized Masters, and Masters of Science

  • Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Plant Breeding

Short International Programs

UniLaSalle also offers a large number of continuing education programs.

From awareness to the status of student-entrepreneur, UniLaSalle instills an entrepreneurial spirit in its students throughout their course.

Recently, the Entrepreneurship UniLaSalle label also highlights business creation projects carried out in close collaboration with UniLaSalle.

Focus on the Bachelor's in Science and Engineering - Agriculture, Digital, and Embedded Technologies

Located at the Beauvais campus, the Bachelor’s in Agriculture, Digital, and Embedded Technologies trains intermediate executives who will be able to adapt digital, robotic, and embedded technologies to various agricultural practices.

The training is based on the experience of the AgroMachinery, and New Technologies Chair at UniLaSalle.

The 5 strengths of the Bachelor's program

  1. A dual expertise in Agro-Technology, with two optional tracks in the third year: maintenance of agro-equipment or digital and robotic solutions.
  2. 69 weeks in the company over the three years of the program with apprenticeship starting from the 2nd year.
  3. Located in Beauvais, in an ecosystem focused on agricultural digitalization, open innovation, and agro-equipment
  4. Two international openings integrated into the training
  5. The expertise and facilities of the Private Agricultural Education School Savy-Berlette (62)

The key information

  • Duration of training: 3 years
  • Bachelor’s degree (awarded by the CTI and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation)
  • Through apprenticeship starting from the 2nd year
  • Language of instruction: French
  • Recruitment from high school graduation (Bac)
  • Training location: Beauvais campus / LEAP Savy-Berlette (62)
  • Tuition fees: Tuition fees and financial aid:

The job prospects

The job prospects are mainly in the agro-equipment sector, where many positions are available. Graduates will hold positions in sectors such as:

  • Distribution and sale of agricultural equipment
  • Maintenance and installation of agricultural equipment
  • Technical interventions on farms
  • Training in new technologies in industry and distribution

Focus on the AgriTec workshop

The UniLaSalle Beauvais campus has recently introduced the AgriTec workshop.

It is an educational space intended for students of the AgriTEC Bachelor’s program and the engineering program in agronomy and agro-industries.

The region has developed a proactive policy to support apprentices throughout their journey at UniLaSalle.

The workshop has an area of 180 and is equipped with facilities that can provide practical training to students in the field of agricultural technologies.

The Agro-Machinery and New Technologies Chair at UniLaSalle, along with our partners AGCO – Massey Ferguson, as well as the Michelin Corporate Foundation and the Kuhn Group, contributed to the creation of this new workshop.

The subjects taught as of September 2023 within the AgriTec workshop are as follows:

  • Introduction to mechanization and agricultural technologies,
  • Hydraulics,
  • Electricity and electronics,
  • Embedded technologies and their influence on driving,
  • Diagnosis and maintenance,
  • Technological innovations in the service of agronomic innovations,
  • GPS and interoperability of equipment.

Thanks to this modern environment, students will be able to familiarize themselves with the latest agricultural technologies while preparing to work in the agro-equipment sector.

To enroll at UniLaSalle

les formations en agroéquipement ont de l'avenir

Agro-equipment, a sector that is hiring

55,000 direct jobs affected according to the study*

les formations en agroéquipement ont de l'avenir

In France, 54,760 jobs are recorded in the 4,180 employing establishments. In Hauts-de-France, the sector comprises 5,500 jobs, representing 10% of the national employment in the industry.

A closer look at the jobs in the sector:

87% of jobs in the sector are permanent positions (CDI), which corresponds to the overall average observed in Metropolitan France (88%).

95% of jobs are in full-time positions, which is significantly higher than the national average where only 82% of salaried jobs are full-time.

90% of these jobs are in establishments with fewer than 20 employees (and 70% in establishments with fewer than 10 employees).

2 Families of professions and 15 targeted occupations

As part of the AMI Competences and Future Trades of the France 2030 plan, a survey was conducted on the workforce needs in the agro-equipment sector.

The conclusion: more than 15,000 recruitments are expected in the coming years, particularly in the fields of business development and maintenance. This quantitative development will be accompanied by the specialization of certain positions in specific equipment or technologies and, to a lesser extent, the integration of a few new professions.

Among the most sought-after jobs today across all companies in the sector (manufacturers and distributors), and simultaneously the most challenging to find, we detect:

  • Support functions: especially accounting employees, whose weight in the sector is particularly significant due to the issues related to accounting and tax provisions associated with investment in agricultural equipment;
  • Technical maintenance professions, maintenance technicians, and workers, which are highly demanded and in tension across all sectors, including the industrial sector;
  • As well as certain industrial production jobs, for qualified or unqualified positions (assemblers, fitters, metalworkers, etc.), which are beyond the scope of this study and are the subject of similar work elsewhere.

The future lies in the agro-equipment professions

*You can find the complete report “Jobs, Occupations, and Skills in the Agro-equipment Sector” attached.

Members of the consortium that led the study.

logo iTerra

ITerra, partner of the 2023 InnovAgro competition

iTerra is the incubator and accelerator of innovative projects in the Oise region, accredited by the Hauts-de-France region. It supports any innovative project in the region and also specializes in the fields of bioeconomy and agricultural innovation.

Project leaders can receive support at various stages of their idea’s development through pre-incubation, incubation, or acceleration programs.

Logo-iTerra-rouge-1500 x 500 px

The Origins of iTerra 

ITerra was created by the municipalities of Compiègne, Beauvais, and Creil, in collaboration with the two engineering schools in our region, UTC & UniLaSalle, SAS Pivert, and the Rev’Agro cluster.

iTerra boosts local economic development  by supporting the journeys of innovative project leaders and business owners. iTerra is accessible to everyone in the Oise region and also supports all projects, regardless of their origin,  in the field of Bioeconomy.

iTerra’s uniqueness is also reflected in its strong shared values in its community:  ambition, openness, and commitment !

The iTerra Team

An agile, dynamic, and complementary team.

Andrea Guerra, of Italian origin, brings his business-oriented and pragmatic approach, essential for project realization: Business Developer.

Agathe Vuillemenot brings together local stakeholders to facilitate the entrepreneurial journey of innovative project leaders: Director.

Aurélie Chaussepied is a certified coach. She has enriched our support by focusing on the alignment of men, women, projects, and markets: Start-up manager.

Hélène Minet develops iTerra’s reputation with the goal of acquiring new innovative project leaders and conveying our vision and values: Communications and Events Manager.

ITerrien one day, ITerrien forever!

Apply for the Innov’Agro competition (until September 15, 2023)

Launch of the Innov’Agro 2023 Competition

Beauvais Rev’Agro, in partnership with ITerra, is launching the Innov’Agro 2023 competition!

Win up to €35,000 to further develop your innovation and support agricultural transitions.

Contest theme: Agricultural Innovation focusing on robotics, new energy sources, artificial intelligence, data, emerging sectors, and eco-design.

The aim of the competition is to support your project all the way to the establishment of your company (land/real estate, fundraising, etc.) to promote the growth of your projects in favor of resilient agriculture.

The competition is open until September 15, 2023!

You are not yet present in France? The competition is also open to foreign project developers.

Find all the information to apply HERE

2022 Winner

Osiris Agriculture company offers a turnkey service based on robotics that helps farmers optimize irrigation, fertilization, and crop protection.
Their robot
, Oscar, is the first autonomous and versatile irrigation robot for European industrial crops.

Award Ceremony - SIMA 2022 to Osiris Agriculture by Thierry Lhotte
une stratégie axée sur 3 filières stratégiques pour le territoire du Beauvaisis

Agriculture and Bioeconomy at the Heart of the Economic Development Strategy of Beauvaisis.

The President of the Beauvaisis Community of Agglomeration, Caroline Cayeux, has sought to initiate a new territorial dynamic that aims, among other things, to reconcile economy and ecology. She has thus entrusted Loïc Barbaras, Vice-President in charge of Economic Development, and Aymeric Bourleau, Vice-President in charge of Higher Education and Innovation, with the mission of building the economic strategy of Beauvaisis for the next ten years.

“Beauvaisis 2030: Economic Ambition” is structured around 5 objectives:

village high et lowtech Novaparc

Objective 1 – Develop new future-oriented sectors that will contribute to our food, energy, and sustainable component sovereignties, in coherence with the specific resources of our agricultural territory (focused on agricultural biomass, bio-sourced materials, and reuse).

This strategic positioning is centered on productive sectors

  • AgTech for resilient agriculture: Farm machinery / Agricultural technology
  • The Neo-Industry M3: Metals / Mechanics / Machinery
  • Sovereignty Sectors: Biomass / Value-Added Reuse

Objective 2 – Develop the industries of the future and contribute to the reindustrialization of France

This objective falls within the framework of the “Third Industrial Revolution” (Rev’3) initiatives of the Hauts-de-France region and the “Territoire d’industrie” (Territory of Industry) label.

Digitalization, robotics, decarbonization, employer branding, attractiveness of industrial professions, and the mutualization and collective valorization of waste for sustainable Industry 4.0.

Objective 3 – Consolidate the AgTech ecosystem structured around the territorial cluster Beauvais Rev’Agro.

  • Rev’Agro aims to participate in the implementation of agriculture of the future thanks to the ecosystem in place and under development (digital agriculture, artificial intelligence, cobotics and precision agriculture, bioenergy, agroecology, and new crops for climate change, biosourced materials…).
  • Supporting the development of our centers of excellence (UniLaSalle, Massey Ferguson Global Headquarters…) and new training programs related to tomorrow’s challenges.

Objective 4 – Promote an inclusive and circular economy in both urban and rural areas

The High & Low Tech InCas campus: a place dedicated to high and low-tech sectors, including coworking and coliving spaces, local food offerings, leisure spaces and services, recreational and sports facilities, training in new transition-related jobs, and workshops dedicated to the circular and solidarity economy, etc.

Objective 5 – Establish new balances for physical commerce in city centers / town centers as well as in the outskirts.

  • Implementation of development actions / facilitating tools and regulation of types of establishments
  • Qualification and supervision of the peripheral offer: Trade-leisure-restoration
  • Revitalization of the city center of Beauvais (Action Heart of the City Plan)

This ambitious economic strategy aims to promote development and attractiveness by leveraging the territorial specificities of Beauvaisis.