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Clément Letrez et Matthieu Déramond, fondateurs de Linaireos


Revolutionizing the flax industry in Europe

Clément Letrez and Matthieu Déramond, founders of Linaireos, are agricultural engineering students at the UniLaSalle campus in Beauvais, specializing in agrosciences and agriculture.

Linaireos’ mission is to provide innovative technological solutions for the flax industry, aiming to enhance efficiency and production quality.

Linaireos aspires to make flax fiber more competitive by optimizing its processing costs.

Transformative Innovations: The Key Products

This proposition is based on two innovative products that promise to redefine the flax processing sector.

At the forefront is the optical sorter, powered by artificial intelligence, excelling in the detection and classification of flax fibers based on their visual quality. This technology has considerable potential to reduce costs associated with sorting personnel while enhancing the precision of the process.

Optimal Quality Control: Its rinsing unit

Complementary to the optical sorter, the retting unit allows for precise control and optimization of the quality of flax, regardless of weather conditions. It provides increased security to flax producers by ensuring consistent quality and better valorization of their products.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Natural Fibers

The development of these technologies addresses the growing demand for high-quality natural fibers. In addition to reducing processing costs, these innovations enhance the competitiveness of flax fiber against other materials, thus opening new horizons.

A Crucial Environmental Dimension

Beyond economic benefits, flax cultivation aligns with an environmental perspective, enabling the storage of over 11 tons of carbon per hectare every year.

Target Market: Scutching Mills, Cooperatives, and Spinners

The primary target market includes scutching mills, flax cooperatives, and spinners. The initial focus is the French market, where Depoortere holds the entire market share as the sole manufacturer of scutching machines. The ambitious goal is to establish a presence in this market by offering a complementary, viable, and innovative solution.

Strategic Partnership: Collaboration with Teillage Jean Decock S.A.

To achieve the objectives, a strategic collaboration with Teillage Jean Decock S.A. has been initiated for the development of the first product. This approach ensures a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of the sector, thus guaranteeing the creation of a product that perfectly meets market requirements.

Financing and Support: The Path to Growth

The growth strategy includes financing from the founders, initial users, and investors interested in the project. It is also envisaged to seek public assistance to consolidate its position.

Linaireos aspires to become a key player in the flax processing market by introducing innovative and technological solutions into a traditional sector. With a strong commitment and passion for innovation, Linaireos firmly believes in its potential for success in this path.

How to apply?

For now, the call for projects is not open