Our missions

Promote Beauvaisis as a recognized hub of innovation known for its education, technical and research centers, job creation, and businesses in the AgTech and agribusiness sectors, both in France and internationally.

Membres fondateurs Rev'Agro Innovation inauguration beauvais
Membres fondateurs Rev'Agro Innovation inauguration beauvais

Rev'Agro'smissions are:

Develop research and promote the emergence of innovative projects

  Support and assist project leaders in creating or developing their businesses and facilitate their establishment in the region

•  Promote inter-company collaborations and the pooling of tools and resources

•  Establish an adapted training offer in the agribusiness and AgTech sectors


Beauvaisis, already a reference in AgTech and agribusiness thanks to

Its economic and industrial landscape

… with more than 5,000 jobs related to the agricultural sector, Beauvaisis already has the presence of large internationally renowned companies such as AGCO with the global headquarters of Massey Ferguson, the headquarters of ISAGRI, GIMA, and also Cetim. Maschio Gaspardo has also recently established a site there.

Rev'Argo mains rassemblées autour d'ordinateurs
Rev'Agro microscope avec une feuille verte agrotechnologie

Higher education and research

… withwith more than 2,500 students in agricultural training and unique R&D facilities in France, Beauvaisis is already a heavyweight in these fields.

Its culture of innovation

…with personalized and specialized support in agricultural entrepreneurship, Beauvaisis is a welcoming environment conducive to the development of activities in the AgTech and agribusiness sectors.

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