les formations en agroéquipement ont de l'avenir

Agro-equipment, a sector that is hiring

55,000 direct jobs affected according to the study*

les formations en agroéquipement ont de l'avenir

In France, 54,760 jobs are recorded in the 4,180 employing establishments. In Hauts-de-France, the sector comprises 5,500 jobs, representing 10% of the national employment in the industry.

A closer look at the jobs in the sector:

87% of jobs in the sector are permanent positions (CDI), which corresponds to the overall average observed in Metropolitan France (88%).

95% of jobs are in full-time positions, which is significantly higher than the national average where only 82% of salaried jobs are full-time.

90% of these jobs are in establishments with fewer than 20 employees (and 70% in establishments with fewer than 10 employees).

2 Families of professions and 15 targeted occupations

As part of the AMI Competences and Future Trades of the France 2030 plan, a survey was conducted on the workforce needs in the agro-equipment sector.

The conclusion: more than 15,000 recruitments are expected in the coming years, particularly in the fields of business development and maintenance. This quantitative development will be accompanied by the specialization of certain positions in specific equipment or technologies and, to a lesser extent, the integration of a few new professions.

Among the most sought-after jobs today across all companies in the sector (manufacturers and distributors), and simultaneously the most challenging to find, we detect:

  • Support functions: especially accounting employees, whose weight in the sector is particularly significant due to the issues related to accounting and tax provisions associated with investment in agricultural equipment;
  • Technical maintenance professions, maintenance technicians, and workers, which are highly demanded and in tension across all sectors, including the industrial sector;
  • As well as certain industrial production jobs, for qualified or unqualified positions (assemblers, fitters, metalworkers, etc.), which are beyond the scope of this study and are the subject of similar work elsewhere.

The future lies in the agro-equipment professions

*You can find the complete report “Jobs, Occupations, and Skills in the Agro-equipment Sector” attached.

Members of the consortium that led the study.

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