Participants du concours Innov'Agro 2023

Winners of the Innov’Agro 2023 competition

Participants du concours Innov'Agro 2023

Discover in this article the winners of the Innov’Agro 2023 competition

On Thursday, November 23, 2023, the awards ceremony for the Innov’Agro 2023 competition took place at UniLaSalle.

This competition was organized by Beauvais Rev’Agro in collaboration with the startup incubator and accelerator Iterra, and with the assistance of the student association Les Unitechdays.

Every year, this event brings together project leaders committed to the agricultural sector. It is an opportunity to access a platform for exchange and recognition within the agricultural community.

This initiative allows participants:

  • De bénéficier d’un accompagnement personnalisé pour le développement de leur projet ;
  • To receive support for establishing themselves in the Beauvaisis region;
  • To acquire financial support for the realization of their innovative ideas.

Two awards were presented during the ceremony:

  • The first prize (racine (root)) of €35,000 was awarded to OCTOMETHA.
  • The second prize (Jeune pousse (young shoot)) of €25,000 was awarded to LINAIREOS.

The opportunity to also assess the progress of previous winners’ projects!

OCTOMETHA, the startup awarded the "Racine" prize


Our “Racine” prize winner, OCTOMETHA, specializes in the design and marketing of agricultural methanization installations using the paste method.

These installations are designed to be simple, robust, and tailored to the needs of French farms.

This innovative solution offers a new methanization technology that allows for the production of green energy (electricity or biogas) from organic materials derived from agricultural operations. Among these, we find manure, green waste, and crop residues (straw), in an efficient and simplified manner without requiring prior grinding or post-digestion.
This approach simplifies the process, reduces construction and operation costs, and provides optimal control over the residence time of inputs.

OCTHOMETHA’s patented technology provides an economically viable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution for valorizing manure and straw.

This project is led by Vincent Bachet.

Linaireos, winner of the 'jeune pousse' award

Logo Linaireos

In full deployment, Linaireos has a mission to revolutionize the flax industry in France and Europe by providing innovative technological solutions to enhance the efficiency and quality of production (AI, biochemical treatment).

For the initial phase of their project, the Linaireos team is collaborating with the Lin 2000 cooperative, where their prototype has been installed since the summer of 2023.

This project is led by Clement Letrez and Matthieu Déramond, two students from UniLaSalle who recently received the “Entrepreneurship UniLaSalle Label“.

The former laureates

Winner of the Innov’Agro competition in 2018, the startup Instar Robotics, which developed the Trooper robot, was present at the awards ceremony with its robot.
An opportunity to demonstrate their small horticultural robot designed to assist nursery growers in transporting potted plants. The startup is currently in its commercialization phase.

The startup OSIRIS Agriculture, winner of the 2022 competition, was also present to share their progress.


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