European Startup Village


The European Union recently awarded the Beauvaisis Agglomeration Community the label “European Startup Village,” recognizing its outstanding efforts in creating an ecosystem conducive to innovation and the development of startups.
By achieving this prestigious recognition, Beauvaisis becomes the first agglomeration in France to proudly display the label “European Startup Village.”

Flourishing Ecosystem

The success of this labeling is based on the dynamic multipartner ecosystem present in the territory, including the economic development service of the Agglomeration, StartLab, the iTerra incubator/accelerator, the Beauvais Rev’Agro cluster, as well as the research laboratories of UniLaSalle.
These actors converge to offer optimal conditions for innovation, particularly in the field of bioeconomy, leveraging the strengths and richness of the local countryside.

Support for Entrepreneurship

The Beauvaisis Agglomeration Community, led by its president Caroline Cayeux, clearly expresses its commitment to support entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth.
The acquisition of the label is part of the economic development strategy “Beauvaisis 2030,” a vision championed by Caroline Cayeux, Loic Barbaras (Vice-President in charge of the economy), and Aymeric Bourleau (Vice-President in charge of Higher Education and Innovation).

Alignment with the European Vision

The European Startup Village initiative aligns with the European Commission’s long-term vision for rural areas of the EU by 2040.
The goal is to strengthen, connect, make resilient, and prosper rural communities. This initiative aligns with the Local Higher Education, Research, and Innovation Plan of Beauvaisis.

The Beauvaisis region is open to European cooperation

Caroline Cayeux expresses her satisfaction with this recognition, which opens the way for exchanges and collaborations on a European scale.
She aims to build strong partnerships with other European ecosystems, involving institutions, entrepreneurs, and universities.
This marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration around the rural specificities of Beauvaisis and project applications within the framework of the “Horizon Europe” program.

Citation Ursula Von der Leyen, présidente de la Commission européenne

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