Launch of the Innov’Agro 2023 Competition

Beauvais Rev’Agro, in partnership with ITerra, is launching the Innov’Agro 2023 competition!

Win up to €35,000 to further develop your innovation and support agricultural transitions.

Contest theme: Agricultural Innovation focusing on robotics, new energy sources, artificial intelligence, data, emerging sectors, and eco-design.

The aim of the competition is to support your project all the way to the establishment of your company (land/real estate, fundraising, etc.) to promote the growth of your projects in favor of resilient agriculture.

The competition is open until September 15, 2023!

You are not yet present in France? The competition is also open to foreign project developers.

Find all the information to apply HERE

2022 Winner

Osiris Agriculture company offers a turnkey service based on robotics that helps farmers optimize irrigation, fertilization, and crop protection.
Their robot
, Oscar, is the first autonomous and versatile irrigation robot for European industrial crops.

Award Ceremony - SIMA 2022 to Osiris Agriculture by Thierry Lhotte