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Pim@tec, an international center for innovation and expertise

…for the future of agricultural machinery, in order to enhance the capabilities of design and sizing tools by ensuring a better correlation between digital and physical aspects. This new CETIM site was launched in 2020.

5 available test benches address the challenges of industrial innovation

Under a climate-controlled environment, it allows for controlled and repeatable replication of the stress conditions on a
complete machine (reducing time to market for developments and lowering costs) while eliminating the impact of factors like weather conditions or the topology of roads, paths, fields, and other tracks.

To validate and enhance the technologies used (during the development or maturation phase of innovative technologies)

With the challenge of rapidly maturing energy-efficient transmissions.

Four-actuator test bench

  • The high-power vibrator that allows for the characterization or validation of the reliability of heavy components found on tractors or for reproducing high-frequency excitations.
  • High-dynamic actuators that simulate the wheel-ground contact (low-frequency excitation (<100 Hz) for components mounted on the chassis)

CETIM adapts to your needs and offers many other services.

Specialized research laboratories in the agricultural field

… to support you in the development of your projects by finding the best scientific and technical solutions. UniLaSalle has numerous areas of expertise, including:

  • Communicating Systems and Processes

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AgriLab unilasalle Rev'Agro Beauvais

Agrilab, an agricultural Fablab for

AgriLab is the collaborative innovation center for agriculture, located at the heart of a mixed-crop and livestock farm near the UniLaSalle campus.

By demystifying technologies, AgriLab allows its members to create a prototype themselves based on an agricultural need.

At AgriLab, you can make (almost) anything:

Inspired by the Fablab movement, AgriLab promotes open innovation and the sharing of knowledge and know-how. In this same place, it is possible to “create (almost) anything” with a minimum of machines, from digital design to mechanical machining, all in one 1,500m² location.

  • OpenLab: Prototype yourself and share your project. We support you
  • PrivateLab: Prototype, privatize, outsource your project

Agricultural plots and business leaders nearby

…to validate your innovation in real or experimental conditions thanks to:

  • to the 2 experimental farms of UniLaSalle (arable crops and livestock)
  • to the many farms in Hauts-de-France, including over 300 in Beauvaisis (more than 65% of its territory is covered by agricultural production)

Rev’Agro helps you find a site to test your innovation yourself or as a service, or to find early adopters through its network.

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