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Revolutionizing Agricultural Methanization for a Sustainable Future

Vincent BACHET, founder of OCTOMETHA, is emerging as a key figure in agricultural methanization, introducing an innovative and sustainable approach.

Valorization of Agricultural Waste: A challenge addressed by OCTOMETHA

To date, the valorization of manure and straw from agricultural farms remains a complex and costly challenge. OCTOMETHA positions itself as the pioneer addressing this challenge by proposing an effective solution.

Patented Technology: The key to agricultural transformation

OCTHOMETHA stands out with its patented paste route technology, a giant leap in agricultural methanization. This revolutionary approach enables the profitable valorization of agricultural waste, providing a direct source of green energy to the farm.

Maximum efficiency and productivity thanks to OCTOMETHA

OCTOMETHA’s paste route methanization approach translates into outstanding performance in terms of efficiency and productivity. By maximizing biogas production from underutilized resources, OCTOMETHA addresses energy challenges while minimizing environmental impact.

Cost optimization: a positive change in the agricultural sector

What characterizes OCTOMETHA is its ability to optimize installation and operating costs. Thanks to meticulous control over input residence time and the absence of mechanics in the digesters, energy costs are significantly reduced. The use of local agricultural waste as raw material also contributes to lowering operational costs.

Strategic partnerships and a personalized approach

The success of OCTOMETHA relies on in-depth expertise, strategic partnerships with key industry players, and a personalized approach for each client. This unique combination enables OCTOMETHA to provide tailor-made solutions, thereby establishing lasting relationships with farmers.

Système de méthanisation Octometha
Thanks to its buried corridor, the Octometha methanization system allows for optimizing gas production

The advantages for agricultural project stakeholders

The decision to opt for small on-farm methanization installations offers significant advantages for agricultural project stakeholders. Speed of construction and autonomy on the valorization site are at the heart of this approach, reinforcing the operational efficiency of agricultural projects.

At OCTOMETHA, a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is the foundation of their mission. By assisting farmers in responsibly managing agricultural waste and producing green energy, OCTOMETHA actively contributes to environmental preservation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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With OCTOMETHA and its patented technology, an economically viable, sustainable, and eco-friendly solution emerges for valorizing manure and straw.

Join this mission led by Vincent BACHET to transform agricultural challenges into sustainable opportunities.

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